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RocketFailover Autopilot™
RocketFailover Autopilot™
RocketFailover Autopilot™
RocketFailover Autopilot™
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RocketFailover Autopilot™

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List Price Includes:

  • Hardware purchase, configurations, & processing - cost varies based on selected service plan
  • 1st month service plan cost - $20.00
  • 1st month data plan cost - cost varies based on selected GB/month
  • 1st month static IP cost (if selected)

NOTE: This product is a managed solution whereupon you will be charged monthly for the monthly services (service plan, data, and static IP).

Check for firewall compatibility


RocketFailover Autopilot™ is our simplest business failover solution and is capable of delivering a failover Internet connection in seconds. Autopilot is a high-performance solution made for smaller branch offices, businesses, and operations to support edge networking. This type of system will allow anyone to install a 4G LTE backup Internet solution that keeps operations online without extensive IT knowledge.

  • Automatic failover/failback configuration for truly redundant business-grade connectivity
  • Bundled with network monitoring for easy network visibility
  • Automatically routes the traffic without the need of a firewall* for practical cost-savings

For businesses only. By purchasing this product you agree to paying for monthly services.

Our Autopilot package includes: Autopilot device with a 1 year limited warranty, SIM card (call for activation), configuration, cables, data plan, iStatus® probe, iStatus monitoring, 36 mo. service plan (adjustable), & optional static IP.

    *NOTE: This solution is ideal for businesses that don’t have a dual-WAN firewall. If you do have a dual-WAN firewall, then we recommend getting Fusion instead. If you do not have a dual-WAN firewall and want one, contact us for a custom quote.

    More Information: akative.com/products/rocketfailover-solutions/rocketfailover-autopilot

    Unsure what solution is best for your business or have multiple locations that need failover? Reach out for a custom quote today: sales@akative.com

    Product Features:

    • Automatic Failover & Failback: Seamlessly remain online and keep your data usage to a minimum, preventing overage fees
    • 4G LTE nationwide coverage for strong connectivity wherever your business is located
    • Secure PCI compliant
    • Data pooling capability enables you to share your data across multiple locations
    • iStatus 24/7 monitoring lets you view what's happening on your network in real-time from your smartphone
    • ConnectionValidation tests and validates connections are online and ready to go
    • IntelligentAlerts are sent to you when an issue is detected
    • Scalable solution that can grow with your business
    • World-class support from our team of experts, not some 3rd part call center or automated system