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  • iStatus hardware (probe), configurations, and processing 
  • Selected iStatus service plan subscription (can purchase monthly or yearly)


iStatus is our connectivity monitoring platform that allows you to monitor critical connections, devices, cloud services, and also provides valuable network security.

Engineered to be a cost-effective, multi-site network connection monitoring tool, iStatus acts as a connectivity management portal that unites IT professionals and business staff, with simple network alerts. iStatus is user-friendly, non-technical, and has key features to deliver network monitoring at your fingertips. iStatus takes the guesswork out of costly IT management.

  • Network Performance Monitoring, so that businesses know that cloud hosted apps are available across all locations using patented CongestionDetection™
  • iStatus Security™ monitoring so that businesses can detect network changes, rogue devices accessing the network, and verify the firewall policies are working correctly to protect the network from potentially malicious content
  • iStatus Pinpoint™ to detect the precise point of connection failure and remedy a solution to conserve on costly troubleshooting. (requires 2 Internet connections)
  • Effective IntelligentAlerts™ to notify you of connection issues, making your job easier
  • Easy to understand network visibility of the connection status and data usage at any of your locations
  • Improved network management with visibility from inside the network, eliminating connectivity issue guesswork

    One iStatus probe is capable of monitoring a single network at a single location. If you have multiple networks or locations that you would like to monitor, you will need an iStatus probe for each network or location.

    More Information: akative.com/products/istatus

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