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iStatus Pinpoint™

iStatus Pinpoint™

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iStatus Pinpoint License  

You MUST already have an active iStatus® probe/account or also purchase iStatus in order to purchase iStatus Pinpoint™.


    iStatus Pinpoint™ is an affordable add-on license to iStatus® that uses patent-pending AI technology to identify the exact point of connectivity failure. Pinpoint allows vastly improved connectivity services to be seamlessly delivered while simultaneously reducing downtime and labor costs.

    • Autonomously monitors the path to the Internet and pinpoints the exact cause of your lost connectivity.
    • Provides solutions based on the identified cause and suggests how to best resolve the issue and restore connectivity- reducing IT stress.
    • Eliminates lengthy troubleshooting, and saves a LOT of IT resources, time, frustration, and expenses.

      NOTE: You must have an iStatus probe and license in order to purchase iStatus Pinpoint. 

      This product is for businesses/companies only.

      Any consumer/personal purchases will automatically be canceled & refunded.

      More Information: akative.com/products/istatus-arpwatch

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